Monday, May 9, 2011

Love – look at me now!

They say that sometimes love knocks you down. It's true. Not all of your relationships will work out or end on amicable terms. When I was younger, I was knocked down a couple of times. It hurt! I truly believe that was because I didn't set boundaries, know my worth, and gave my all when it was not meant to be. When you give so much of yourself and it's not reciprocated, you are setting yourself up for pain if you remain in a relationship like that. I am proud today to say that I can look back and realize that I made a lot of mistakes in the past as it pertains to relationships. Why am I proud? Even though, those endings or failed relationships didn't work out, I learned so much. I can now see beyond the facade of what people present to me and I know what I'm worth. I am now with someone who would give me his last dime, go out of his way in every sense for me, has my best interest at heart, the list goes on. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

It is very apparent that he loves me. I don’t have to question it! I shake my head as I think back on those relationships where I did question things. If you have to question your relationship, chances are something isn’t right! You live and you learn, however.

 I love that I can speak to him about ANYTHING and everything – truly a NO judgment zone. He would never manipulate or throw information back in my face. We have a BLAST together, a BLAST anywhere. We have laughed so hard at each other’s jokes that we have fallen and stopped breathing. I more than enjoy his company. This is not lust and it’s not a warped sense of anything. I see his flaws and he sees mine but we still see the beauty in each other. It’s great. He accepts all of me and I accept all of him. Together, we have a grand time!

The relationship is definitely satisfying and it is more than comforting to know someone has my back to the 100th degree, wipes my tears, and will do anything for me- anything. With any relationship, I need more than love and with “S.A.”, it is definitely a love+. I know no other man who is as self-less, generous, always thinking of others, etc. He truly is the best man I know. He is…He’s passed up extremely lucrative jobs for the sake of family and he is always giving. My only concern is that sometimes he reminds me of the old me – constantly giving but I love that he isn’t jaded about life. He always has hope, is always encouraged, and encourages others. I think I have met my twin star. I think he is the male me – just a southern, male form of me. Most important, he treats me like a queen and he makes sure I know I am a queen!!!

Love – look at me now!