Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating a state of normalcy

I have to admit that of late, I've been in really, really great spirits. It's as if everything is coming together. Things did indeed break apart in my past but I've come to realize that it was for the very reason that better things would fall in its place. The other day a friend of mine asked how I was doing. I responded and said that I felt as if my life was starting to finally evolve back into a state of normalcy. She resopnded by saying, "That's great, whatever normalcy is." I thought about it and then realized that nothing in my life, as far as I can remember was ever "normal" so it dawned upon me that this peace and "normalcy" that I now feel is something I had to create. In the past, I was such a passive player in life that I truly never felt at peace. I wasn't the master of my fate. I didn't make things happen and as a result things happened to me. With that being said, after dusting off my shoulders and picking myself up, my mind is now renewed. I am the master of my fate. I also deserve to be joyful and prosper in every area in my life. I've learned so much and realized the importance and significance of many things and that my friend, is that the best things are not things. I'm starting to re-connect with people who were dear to me and also making time for those I love the most even when there are distance and time constraints. In doing so, I not only love but I feel loved. Not only am I loving how I've evolved but I am determined to move forward with an expectancy of nothing but greatness. Life is indeed grand...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Day by day, I am getting better at not allowing things to get to me too much. I want to be the type of person that bounces back quickly after a setback, dissapointing news, unexpected inconveniences, etc. Is that realistic? I truly believe it is. Of course, there is a time to feel pain, to mourn, to grieve, to feel sad, but I want to make sure that I don't stay in those places for a long time. I aim to see the good in every situation and the more that I do so, the more I notice that God's goodness shows up daily. I know HE wants to bless me immensely and pour HIS favor into my life. In fact, with every day that passes, I see tangible evidence of this. I also feel HIS love and favor. Most, if not all, of our battles are in the mind. If we can control our thoughts, we can control our actions. I came across a quote that stated that you cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. Isn't that powerful? I pray that not only will my outlook be sunny but it will be so bright that I will be a beacon of light for others. In times of discouragement, please remember this: I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not harm you. That of a future and of hope. (Jer 29:11) God's plans are to propel me higher. With that in mind, I truly cannot sweat the small stuff because I am being cared for and looked after. Don't allow discouragement to get the best of you. SHUT IT OUT!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reclaiming my life

We cannot change the past. We simply can't but we certainly can determine how we wish to move forward with our lives. Learn from your past. She is your best teacher. It's amazing the countless lessons one can tap into when faced with certain dilemmas and situations. As a result, make better decisions.  Continue to create and re-create a new self, your better self. Don't compare youself to anyone. STAY IN YOUR LANE. My blessings will not look like your blessings and your blessings will not look like my blessings. Instead, aspire to develop into your best self. I want to be a better person but most important, I want to be my best self. I'm stronger and I'm wiser but I have to choose to channel that strength and wisdom so that I continue to grow and can be a blessing to others.

We all have setbacks but I made a decision a couple of months ago. I declare that I am reclaiming my life. I want to make more time for my family, re-connect with old friends (even though they are not in the area), pursue excellence in all areas, and be proud of me. I refuse to allow my past to determine or dictate my future. No, no, no....but it certainly will be used as a guide and a road map for better choices. Cheers to reclaiming life!!!