Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh, give thanks!

For the first time ever I did not celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family this year. I was a bit nervous and a tad saddened but I felt as if it was a choice I had to make. For one, my work schedule did not allow it. Initially, I was going to contest this because of course, family comes first. An unexpected event stopped me from doing so. I decided not to contest my work schedule when the mother of my significant other became extremely sick and was hospitalized. We didn't know what was wrong with her but we knew she was now immobile. At that moment, I realized that someone else needed me more than one missed occasion with my family. I love my family dearly but I find comfort in the fact that we have many more occasions to gather and celebrate.

Had I gone home, I would have abandoned someone I cherish deeply but also someone who is slowly losing his mother. He would have been in this area by himself and may have “celebrated” Thanksgiving in the hospital.

In life, we make choices and I decided to be there for someone. I had no idea what Thanksgiving would mean this year to me nor if I would enjoy it. Would it be the same without my family and our cute traditions? I did not know! We don't always have to know what is to come. Expect that you attract positive people and positive environments. I certainly do and I did! A lovely couple welcomed "S.A." and I to their home. They have no idea how much that meant to us. For one, we were able to visit his mother who is still bed-ridden without the worries of where we would eat, what we would eat, and who would have the time to cook. Two, when I say they opened their home, they opened their home to us! We were greeted by laughter, a wonderful spread of food, and cheer in the air. Most important, we were greeted by love. We had a wonderful time. Thanksgiving was different this year but it was still wonderful.

Many people don’t have a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving Day. Many people have to work. Some people are in prison, deployed, and/or separated from their loved ones. Yet, here I was, surrounded by love. For that, I am thankful and know that I am truly blessed.

Thanks to the wonderful couple, they made two people have a home to go to, exchange memories and joy, and touched our hearts tremendously.

I thank them and I thank everyone who touches someone. Whether you realize it or not, it matters.

Many blessings!

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