Thursday, November 17, 2011

You have so much to offer

Have you ever thought about how special you are? How many lives you have touched? How this world would be different without you? I'm sure at some point, we all reflect on who we are and what we have to offer. Well, if no one has said these words to you in a while, let me say it now, "YOU have so much to offer." We each are uniquely designed and all created with different skills, talents, and gifts. You may not speak as eloquently as Person A. You may not know how to sing like Person B. You may not be the best sales person on your job. You may not be as creative as Person C, but you, my friend, have your own set of gifts. These gifts belong only to you so it is up to you to tap into them and apply them where you see fit. Don't look at another's talents and become envious. That is a distraction from your destiny and your destiny is yours and only yours to be fulfilled. You have so much richness to offer to the world. Think about it. What do people commend you for? What role do people often say they see you in? What did people say they saw in you from the time you were a child? Sometimes, our blind spot is the fact that are strengths come so natural to us, they are so instinctive, that it is difficult for us to identify them. Today, not only do I want you to know that you have a lot to offer but I also want you to know that you are equipped with all of the tools to live up to your potential, realize your dreams, and live a fulfilling life.

Be blessed. You certainly are a blessing!

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